Wednesday, July 27, 2016


 The beaches in Jacksonville are stunning.

Or maybe beaches everywhere just ARE.
 This was a surfing class, which was cool to watch.   This is how students learn, with a teacher holding the board steady while waiting for a cute, little wave.  It reminded me of holding up water skiiers by the life vest, steadying them as the boat idles out.

 We took a walk down the public fishing pier.  It's a long pier, and it was about 100 degrees in the beating sun, not even exaggerating on that.

 There were fish cleaning stations all up and down, some benches with shade. Others had brought umbrellas to set up for shade.

 That guy in the blue shirt took a tourist photo of the three of us and then let us watch as he hauled in a fish.  Only it wasn't a fish.  It was a baby shark about a foot long, smooth, pale, shimmery silver. He let it go again.

 Kirby and Dad:
 Me and him:
 The pier:
 The restaurant where we enjoyed a very delicious meal:
 And this is Kirby driving us to the airport up this very freaky tall bridge, tall so ships can cut underneath.  Carnival ride!!  Hang on.

We were fine.
And now it's back to reality, which is not a bad thing, just real.

Thank you for a lovely couple days in a world as beautiful as Florida is.

We love you.

See you in a few days.  Love Mom and Dad

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