Monday, July 18, 2016

my baby is twelve

 We had a big, loud party tonight in the heat.

We haven't had a party like this in quite a long time, it seems like.
 All these people I love so dearly were here, even including this little dog.

 They're all into Pokemon Go, and there was some kind of Power Rangers theme happening too.

Here b.g. has dreamed up an elaborate idea and is giving the details to his cousins.

A little while later we had a conversation about how they don't accept direction all that well.

They weren't conforming at all with his plan, and in fact were also screaming and not even listening.

 I asked p.j. about this when she passed through the room.  She threw her head back and said, "Why do I have to accept direction?? I don't even know what that MEANS!"

(This is a picture from Alicia's Instagram last weekend.)

Kirsten saw this and said it was her favorite part of the evening, when b.g. hung over the stair railing in the living room and said, "Everyone listen to me!" and then sang, "All my cousins are SUCKERS!  All my cousins are SUCKERS!"

Well.   They definitely are not cooperators.

 Julia enjoyed the present opening so much I finally had to tell her to speed it up.

 Being twelve seems to agree with you, Jule.

 Sweet, beautiful Julia, my maraschino cherry on top of a big, giant sundae of family?

Thank you for being here, being ours, being mine.

I love you so dearly, your long arms and legs, your sense of humor, your energy, you big heart.  I admire what a fantastic aunt you are.

Everything is better with you.

Lucky old us.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.   love forever, MOM and DAD and EVERYBODY

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