Tuesday, July 5, 2016

more weekend pictures

 These two like to eat together, but they also reach across and take each other's food.  The one with the pigtails loves to run her hands through her hair as she eats.

It's kinda disgusting at some point.

Last week they were here for lunch and James asked me, "What can we do with her hair?"

I suggested a shampoo, but she clutched his neck and would not lean back over the sink.  So finally we took a wet washcloth with a dab of shampoo and ran it over her head, then went over it again with a plain wet washcloth and then dried it with a little towel.

Cheeto dust gone.
 This dead end kitchen gets do congested when we serve a meal.  And all the dogs crowd in and babies are underfoot.

 These two chair are now broken.  My mom bought them for me years ago at a church garage sale, $30 for the pair.  We've sat in them, kids have spun like a Tilt a Whirl.  All at once they broke underneath and we're calling it a day.

They dragged them out by the fire, and that's just so hillbilly, upholstered furniture in the yard. But there was no rain, so I guess we could ignore. One was badly crooked, so they tipped it up and took off the under carriage.  


 This little slide is way less dangerous than playing in the doorway, which is another favorite activity.

Sweet, lovely July.

love, Val

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