Tuesday, July 5, 2016


 Okay, that's James and a friend of the kids of many years. This friend has grown up to be about the nicest man in the world.

Well, He and James were staying in John and Dannell's trailer, which is a good thing--gets some air moving in the trailer, provides them some quiet to sleep when all the grandbabies start rip-roaring around at dawn.

Well, Friend got into the bunk next to James and felt something weird and held it up to the dim light.

It was a dead baby mouse.

They turned on the lights and there were three more dead baby mice.  James brought a dustpan and they put on new sheets.  He still slept in another bed.


And why him?  What has he ever done to anyone to deserve that?  Ugh.

This is Kirsten's little dog. She's here from Florida for a few weeks, and this dog is such a good-natured animal and so scared of fireworks.

She hid in the cupboard both nights.

 They amuse themselves for hours jumping from the dock onto the tube.

Anyway, nothing but love.

Love, Val

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