Saturday, August 6, 2016


 It's been a fine August week, hotter than heck.  The pleasantly dull routine is comfortable.  Thursday James came over with the kids while the cleaning lady worked at Dan and Alicia's.

It was dark as evening in the house, kids played Legos in the basement.  Later on after lunch, the sun came out and we walked up to the park for a while.

 Here we are, a quiet Saturday night at the lake.  

When I asked p.j. on Friday if they were coming to the lake she said, "Yeah, I think my mom will.  She's been trying to avoid it, but I think we'll be there."

She notices everything.

During the day we went into town to the Craft Fair and looked for the Car Show, never found it.  We came home again and swam and Joe grilled a tenderloin and potatoes for supper.

 That little girl in the middle was up at 5 am, I understand.  She and her aunt, the one on the right, were stomping around upstairs looking for sweaters and switching beds because they were cold.

They told me all about how pretty the sunrise was. They could see it out the window over the lake.

Apparently there was also some sliding on the banister.

And this: She locked her parents in their bedroom.  She says she didn't realize she had.

 There's another door in that bedroom that opens to the outside, toward the front. They had to go out that door and walk around the house and come in the back.

Woo Hoo. 6 am.

They left her stay up until about 10:00 tonight and threats were made against people who get up to see the sunrise, slide on banisters at that hour of the morning and lock their parents in their own bedroom.

August, you beautiful devil.

love, Val

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