Tuesday, August 2, 2016


At the end of Sunday afternoon, as one little guy was heading for the car to go home, he announced, "I love our cabin."

I love that he loves it.  It's very loud and wild.  I mean, THREE one year olds?  That's a trio of crazy right there.   

This is some game about Pokemon.   Not sure the rules, but recognize the names.
 And this tender little sweetheart.   When she  raises up her tiny arms, who could refuse?

 Him, he's just become kind of hilarious.  He talks a lot about Ninjas and races around, arms flying.  Now that I can understand what he says, it's pretty entertaining.
 Those little girls, working on their social skills. They like each other, but like one year olds, they don't have boundaries, they're just eating each other's food, taking each other's drink bottles, sharing germs as much as possible.

Pretty, crazy wildflowers blooming everywhere in the heat.

July?  You've been amazing, and sorry to see you go.  August is looking like a buddy though.


love, Val

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