Tuesday, August 16, 2016

bumper boats!

 After the Go-Carts, the Bumper Boats:

 Hyper kids got super wet, completely drenched.

 Two curly-whirly girls:

And Tim?

Fourteen years of you?

Who could have imagined it? You're growing like crazy, one more year at home before you head out to pursue your EDUCATION, Man.

You're a talented baby-wrangler, and an endlessly patient uncle--so much more patient than I could ever be with the video games and the endless nonsense.

You and The One Who Yells are good friends.   She's always happy to see you.

There's something about you becoming and moving from childhood into teenager that's very fun and also very weird.

The day you were born is one of the best in my entire life.  There was something so perfect about you--being born in in hot summertime, looking like a 3 month old.  By six weeks you didn't even look like a baby anymore, like a guy.

Three days:

9 months:

3 months:

Buddy, Happy Fourteen.

We could not love you more.

love, Mom and Dad and Everybody

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