Sunday, August 21, 2016

sunday in august

 We all went down to the water today, even though it was a little cloudy and cool at times.

They had energy to burn.
 We didn't put Jay's boat in the water, but they had rides in the fishing boat and tubed behind the jet ski.

Good enough.

 After everyone else was gone, we vacuumed and swept, and cleaned up. With five of us, it didn't take that long, maybe an hour.

Then we went on a boat ride just to relax.  Tim and Julia goofed around.  Kari is dignified.

 She didn't have much to say, just sat on the pile of life jackets and sniffed the air.

 One half of the lake was warm and smooth.
 The other side was choppy and rough, overcast, smelled like cold water.  It felt good to be cold for a change.

Night after night I dream about Sam.    They're lovely, happy dreams, warm and plush.  I'm happy to see her, put our heads together in a hug.

In every dream, Sam takes off running, gleefully bounding through water and tall grass, bouncing rowdy circles around us in the field, good-natured and foolish.

In every dream she's running.

Oh, for my dog to be young again.


Never mind.

Love, Val

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