Tuesday, January 9, 2018

a trip to the zoo, part 2

 She loved this children's area very much.

 There are little blue frogs in there.
 Venus Flytrap?

 Then we went to the tropics room. This was as far as I originally intended to take this trip, figured this would take about 45 min, and that would be great.

 She's all interested in that bird on top of that little wooden box.
There's the sloth.  I pointed it out, but not sure she saw it.
 Things were going well, so we put on coats and hats and went outside.
 The orangutans were adorable, but there are times when a zoo feels a bit wrong.

 She was fascinated by this funny, lively baby.
 There's a reindeer in the middle.

After a little bit, she asked to put her coat back on, and we washed her hands and sat on a bench and ate some popcorn before we headed home.

Hey, Little Girls--thank you for making this a very sweet trip to Como.

Love, Grandma

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