Sunday, January 7, 2018

winter weekend

 It was awfully cold. This storm window was broken in an episode of foolishness last summer. Who cares? Well, we should have fixed that storm window.  We are grudging against our normal storm windows, disdainful.

Well, yeah. They're doing a lot more than they're given credit for, witness this frosty mess when a window goes without a storm.

We will, and we will repair to whatever damage happened to this original window.

So annoying.
 Yesterday we went to Stillwater to watch some basketball games, quite fun.

We spent zero time with these guys over the weekend, but Alicia's pictures were so pretty:

This morning we slept late, made a huge pot of tortellini soup, went to visit a friend, went to a real estate appointment, came home and made supper, and it was just the most lovely Sunday.

Onward. January--we are getting along just great.

Love, Val

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