Sunday, July 29, 2012

washburn county fair, part 2

Small town, friendly, fun.

This was some small town school house, and m.c. ran inside to see if it was anything kids would want to see. 

She said yes.
 A local urchin, having a nap in a quiet shady place:

Inside the old school house above.

Outside the old school house below. This vehicle meets all the criteria Dannell and I insist upon:  seat belts and roll cage.  A neighbor rolled an ATV on Father's Day a few years ago and sustained a closed head injury.

That's pretty self-explanatory.

 Roll cage and seat belts required.  Too bad the price tag dangling was nearly $20,000. Get out, Kids.

Now they're touring a fish house.  Last year it was so warm fish houses could hardly be placed on area lakes.  Trucks sure couldn't trailer them out.  It was, to quote a person I love, "a shit show."

 So, no fancy, HEAVY, ice houses either.  (Can't we just buy fish?)

Okay, time for some rides.  love, Val

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