Friday, May 8, 2015


 Lillian, the gecko, was not eating earlier this week, and after a few days we noticed her tail was looking skinnier, and it was time to find out what was wrong sooner rather than later.

So our vet recommended his own reptile vet.  Except they are in Lake Elmo which is on the other side of the cities, and it was rush hour.

We did it.
 The vet thinks she has a sore tongue, so we have drops for that, and also she's to take a bath twice a day for hydration and soothing, and we have to feed her gecko food supplement.

First we're supposed to offer her meal worms, which she loves.  But if she doesn't eat them, then we have to give her the supplement.

We;ve been doing it and her tail has not popped off.  She seems actually quite fine.

Fingers crossed.

love, MOM

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