Wednesday, May 20, 2015

two weeks old

 Here she is, in a very pretty picture Heidi took, perfect little lips, perfect little toes.

Here's Heidi making the most of her maternity leave, sacked out in the recliner in the living room, p.j. off playing Barbies with Julia, far enough away so we don't have to overhear their arguing.

 Here's my girl hugging her baby sister.   I teased her today as I kissed her cheeks, "You have not come to my house and watched George or warmed up my back for WEEKS now.  We used to do that every DAY."  She laughed, told me she loved me.

These are the Little and Scrunched pictures.

It's easy to get those of a newborn.  I admire photographers who get them to sleep and then pose them and take fancy pictures that capture their perfect miniature toes and eyelashes.

Newborns are hard to get good pictures of.   This little girl is so completely delectable, but here she looks just little and scrunched.

Sweetness everywhere.

This little baby sister is such a little morsel.

And her cousin babies born this winter are turning into PEOPLE already.

This spring is once in a lifetime.

love all you crazy little tiny girls, Grandma

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