Saturday, May 2, 2015

senior prom

Tonight was their senior prom. They attend different high schools, so they kind of had to make a choice.  This was her school's prom.

Last week we went to reserve the tuxedo.  That was funny and sweet.  James doesn't remember the tux reservation procedure from the past.  Heidi was married in 2009, so true, it's been a while.

But we got through it and his lovely date instructed him on color choices.  He was agreeable.

 You two are nothing but cute.

One of her friends has a relative who is a professional photographer, so everyone met at the Guthrie Theater and along the river by the mill.

It was beautiful, an 80 degree late afternoon along the Mississippi, but getting there was a little iffy.  I made it home in time from my real estate appointment and we were ready to go. I was going to follow them, her mother driving.

But then James popped out of the car and ran back asking if I knew how to get to the Guthrie?

Yeah, I know where it is.  Generally speaking, but details?   I grabbed my GPS and we all rode together.  We found it, all good.

And her mother and baby sister and I found our way back home again too, also good.

 A picture with the tiny sister too:

 They took a special bus to the restaurant for dinner.

Jay and I have been to this restaurant. It's a fondue place, very fancy.

But on the way home, on the special occasion we were there, we had to stop at McDonald's because Jay was starving.

"I paid $100 and had to cook my own food one bite at a time over a candle?"

Quiet down, now.
 Here's the bus.   Her mother and I agreed the driver looked not reassuring, kind of beady-eyed and a bit bloodshot.

I had a text from James a few minutes ago.   Everything is okay.
Onward.  It's five minutes until Sunday.

love always, MOM

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