Tuesday, May 5, 2015

tuesday in may

 The caterpillar hatched.  He was noticed late at night, so he was placed outside in the morning.

 We weren't sure if he was okay or not.

We hope so.
The flower pots were planted, most of them anyway.

Today I dragged the man to the garden store again and we brought home two kinds of tomato plants and a couple peppers.

The rabbits tend to eat everything, wonder how the peppers will do.

 My parents gave us their fountain, and we have a good spot for it.

 These are the sprinkler girls who ate lunch on the patio today.

What a great day.

 And now?

We are on baby watch.

Her little sister is about to be born.

First the sister was called Cake-cake. She still goes by that.  Then later, she decided the baby's name should be Flower Petals.

That's cute too.
 So we've got an aunt and a niece doing hairstules in the night.
Good night.

love always, Val

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