Sunday, July 5, 2015

a foggy morning after the storrm

 The storm blew through mid-evening and we saw that the tree was down, but it was too dark to get any good pictures.
 This old, twisty oak tree has been perched precariously on the bank for all the eleven years we've owned this cabin.

We never wanted it to fall INTO the lake. Then it'd be a habitat for fish and so on.

Well, when the day finally came, the tree fell in the best possible way:  NOT into the lake.  And also not onto the picnic shelter, or onto the boats.  It nicked the edge of the eave of one cabin, noting too serious.

And it fell on a holiday weekend when everyone was there to help clean it up, including a neighbor who owns a bobcat tractor.

 This tree was hollow and entirely rotten:

 The fog this morning was thick, no distinction between sky, clouds or water.

 And these funny people get up so incredibly early in the morning.

Their parents deal with them as long as they can before they release them into the yard.  I have also told them it's fine to release them into the cabin on early mornings.

It's okay.

And onward it was, to a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend.

Happy July--sweet, perfect, beautiful July.

Hello, Darling.  I am so glad you're here.

love, Val

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