Sunday, July 12, 2015

doggie boat ride

 We don't want her in the water too much because of her skin.

Apparently she's become allergic to something in the water and she breaks out in a horrible rash.   She's been on prednisone again for weeks.

But she can go on a pontoon ride, no problem, and she loves it.
 She loved the boar ride SO MUCH that three times she tried to hump Tim.

Why Tim?

He's sitting there, quietly, bothering no one.

I mentioned to him something about Interspecies Love, and he rolled his eyes.

 When Jay realized what was happening, he hollered, "Sam!"

Then I could not quit laughing, oh my goodness, my chest hurt,. I had to wipe tears.

 It was a beautiful evening.

 A selfie:

And then when we got back, just after I thanked Jay for doing such a nice thing for an old dog, then the old dog crapped right next to the flower bushes.

Oh my goodness.  Sam, Sam, Sam.

We love you, Mom and Dad and Everybody

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