Saturday, July 18, 2015

julia's eleven

Here we are, a great selfie of us.

And on with the party--the usual crowd was there, celebrating:

 There you are, heading inside on your long legs.
 Here are a couple sweaty kids enjoying the doll house:

 Time for presents!

They were all pretty helpful and giddy:

 Okay, here is the game where you take turns plucking a booger from the guy's nose and when the fateful booger is picked, then the brain pops out.

Kids were fascinated by this, just like the dog poop game from the past.

I'm speechless.

 Now that all those fake boogers are picked, time for cake:

 And that was the end of the evening--the kids with  babies heading home, the others hanging around, slowly trickling out the door.

Here are a few pictures from back when you were first born, Jule--

 You were so cute, and we were so happy to meet you.

 This chance photo that turned up on our old 35mm is one of my all-time favorites, you guys sleeping in our bed, both of your perfect little lips, sweet round cheeks:

And this cute one of you and Maria.


Happy Birthday, Darling.

YOU made this family complete.  I've called you the maraschino cherry on top of a big, giant sundae of family, and it's true.

There you are, the cherry on top, the grace note, the curlicue that makes everything complete.

We couldn't really be who we are without you, and I really wouldn't even want to try.

You feel like sunshine, light.   Thank you for everything you bring to this family.   I love you incredibly for always.

Thanks for being my baby.   love, Mom

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