Monday, January 11, 2016

- 10 and babies in the house

It's so very cold these last few days, not even up to 0 F

But inside the house it's a balmy 72 degrees, and no problems.

 The babies bounced and rolled in that pile of pillows while they ate crackers.  While they were in the high chairs, everything had to be shaken out and the hokey run over the rug.

 And this little dog went back to Florida on Saturday. She was here with Kirsten for a month, and I got used to her.  She's easy company, well-behaved and friendly.  Today I kept looking for her, worried that she was outside and freezing her ass off.

Umm, that would be no. It's supposed to be almost  70 degrees there tomorrow.

Sam, always wanting to be where the dang kids are.  Earlier she spotted all the abandoned and half stomped on crackers, and stormed that barricade bench, knocked it right over, woke up the baby sleeping on the couch.

Doggone dog.

 One's taking calls on the Dora phone, the other wore shorts today.  First thing her aunt said when she came home from work, "Shorts?  Is that a good idea?"

And her mom, first words out of her mouth, "Are you wearing shorts today??"

The child told me, when I asked her, "Who cares?  We're not going anywhere, are we?"

No.  We are not.

 This little baby doll fell asleep in about four minutes of cuddling.  I wrapped her in a blanket and put a little pillow pet on my chest, invited her to put down her head.

She did, and I checked Facebook on my phone while I patted her back, and then slid her over onto the pile of pillows where she slept in a heap until her mom got back. She woke up all red cheeks and damp hair.

And that brought us to the end of a beautiful Monday afternoon.

We watched Judge Judy after that and I worked for a few hours.


January, you have fully arrived, I can see this.  Not sorry you're almost half over because that brings us just that many weeks closer to spring.

love forever, GRANDMA, aka Val

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