Friday, January 1, 2016

stupid-ass, random party

Yep.  Happy New Year to you too.

It did make me laugh a lot.

When she got up at noon and realized the whole family was descending shortly, that's what she snarled at me:  "I'm so sick of these stupid-ass, random parties for no reason."  Then she ran upstairs to take a bath and get dressed.


There's nothing I enjoy more than a day with my family, honest-to-God, nothing.   It doesn't feel stupid-ass, or random to me.  Nobody's working today, everywhere is closed.  We're happy to cook a meal and enjoy an afternoon together any time.

Shortly my parents leave for Florida, and Kirsten will return to there soon too.  Time is not unlimited.

Not that I don't get her frustrated impatience with the racket and horde. I do understand what she's saying.  I have a different perspective on it, but I also see how it feels to be her.

So--here are some pictures, mostly damned blurry, of the Stupid-Ass, Random Party:

 This is the gang last night, playing Clue.

And blowing horns at midnight. See p.j.?  She didn't make it.  I helped her upstairs to bed after this.

 Her and her monkey:

 Here's the feast from today, and it was incredibly delicious, true.

 A bunch of people played Dominos.

 And others played guitar hero:

 Blockaded into safety--and yet the babies resent this so much.  It reminds me of why I was sad when play-pens went away.  Toss a baby in a play pen with blankets and stuffed animals and toys, position it in view of the kitchen and the TV.

No choke-able hazards anywhere near the little darling.

But play pens went out of style, for some unknown reason.  Whatever. We've created the same safety zone with benches and bins of toys.

Oh my goodness.


2016?  I do so hope you're going to be a friend of ours.  2015 wasn't an enemy at all, but still kind of threw us around by the shirt.

Happy New Year! Best wishes and love always, Val and Everybody

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