Monday, January 18, 2016

very cold monday

 These guys, this morning, watching Price is Right.  Alicia isn't sure if they've ever seen the program before, but the oldest one immediately understood the concept and the show.  They liked it.

They jumped up and down and cheered with the contestants

 And a little Little Debbie is a lot of fun.

Oh, and that angel in the plaid shirt told me that he needed to take a bath today. His dad said so, that I should give him a bath.


I have to verify that first.

Dan said it was true.  Last night at bedtime, the kid wanted a bath, so to move him along he said he could take one tomorrow at Grandma's house.

Okay fine then. Water run, kid hopped in.  He was floating boats and little army men were on the ledge, some Barbie children were in a row.
I said I was there to wash him and he informed me, "This is not a washing bath.  No washing. No shampoo."

I texted Dan who said yes, he definitely should be scrubbed and to tell him so.

I did, and held up my phone.  He stared at the phone, cautiously.

No washing happened.

Dan said all the baths would be play baths if it were up to the kids.

Maria was laughing.  I asked her if she ever took a play bath?    We hooted.

Kids are so insane.

Okay, good night.  love to all you unwashed individuals, love MOM, aka GRANDMA

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