Monday, January 25, 2016

party in the pounce pile

 A bunch of cousins were here today, going nuts.

More would have even joined, but I couldn't be sure they'd all be safe with just little old me in charge.

 These are the baby sisters, the girl cousins, happily eating tater tots for lunch.

 She wanted her picture taken too. She's never been big on photos, or for smiling for pictures, but if Grandma is taking pictures of the babies?

We need one too.

Plus she is my sweet honey.

 And that's Mr. Charming, giving a coopertive smile.

 Tim next to the pounce pile, getting pounced on by two babies.

 They did make it outside after puzzles.  It was about 32 degrees out, soft, damp air. I told them not to trample in any dog poop, and it seems as though they did not.  Just fresh air and fun.

 Then we heard that those two kids--the daycare lady from the rest of the week now has room for them in her situation.

(insert smart-alecky vulgar kissing noise)

Alicia and I talked about this in the house and the driveway, but came to no conclusion.  If Alicia and Dan pass this by, is it an opportunity lost to secure a spot?  (In which case I can have them whenever I want anyway, but they are required to pay.)

 I don't know what to do. I've sure enjoyed these insane little Mondays. Jay was no help in any kind of decision making, even though if I take on something and have overflow work, then he has to cover for me.  He's kind like that, rolls his eyes, but steps up.   And then Napoleon jumps on the back of his neck and kicks him around. That's the kind of relationship they have.

 And that brings us to the end of a very perfect Monday.

love you all. Grandma, aka Val

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