Saturday, January 16, 2016

dark and cold

That's what we've got tonight.  Jay cooked supper. We worked on taxes.  It's dark and cold and quiet here.

Here are some kids in the family room, also very quiet.

 Racket galore here:

 The storm door is all iced up.

 Here's a view of the hockey rink, obviously nobody is up there skating at -6 degrees.

 Bernie?  Pretty  quiet.

 Why in the world are these towels ALWAYS on the floor?  Always? Why?

 This is my briefcase, still waiting to be dealt with. Successful closing yesterday, zero problems.  I'll address this rat's nest later.

 But I did extract this from the mess.  I bumped up a level in sales, which was very gratifying.

 Okay, here I asked Sidney to smile for a picture.

She sneezed.

Then threw herself down.  Not necessary, and also not a smile, by the way.

 And this brings us to this evening where the taxes were worked on.  After I get the forms all pulled together, then I have to deal with the rat's nest aspect.

 It was cozy at least, space heater going, mechanical pencils, calculator, spread sheets.

It'll be fine.  I've done it before.

January 15th has come and gone.   We're on the downhill side now.

Next week it's going to warm up and we'll come back to life again as we head into a couple fun birthdays.

Love, Val

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