Sunday, April 10, 2016

birthday weekend!!

 Yes, mine, age 54, thank you very much.

And hers, age 16.
 There was a family party, feast and celebration in honor of all the birthdays in this span of time.

 That's my little brother.  He and I go way back.  I love him very much, and he's also nice to Maria's dog and she appreciates a friend when the house is swarming with people, especially small people.  An ally like he is helps her.

 Maria has a guinea pig, and he's pretty doggone cute.

 This is some family video game convention.

 My mother, oh goodness.

 My sister, hugging my granddaughter.

 Two granddaughter, trying to break out.

Except it's very cold out there.
And the brown eyes and the dark curls and the blue eyes and straight straw-blonde hair.  These two are the baby images of each of my daughters in law.  They both look like little clones of their mothers.

 Woo Hoo!  Cake time!
 Lydia Karina!

 Little Jay


 My mama!

 And here's today about 11 am, after the Auntie and Niece finally woke up and decided to create a baking soda volcano in the sand box.  They'd been to Sunday school and back, were proper citizens and all.

And that's the end of a beautiful weekend.  Kirsten showed up here by surprise on Thursday evening. I went for a walk to stretch my work-from-home legs, and there she was. EATING LEFT OVER CHOW MEIN IN MY FAMILY ROOM!!

It was a great weekend. She didn't get sick, and everyone was in a great, welcoming in spring kind of mood.

It was a little wistful taking her to the airport late this afternoon. Then a real estate appointment. Then JAMES had to be personally driven, by hand, out to Eau Claire. Not his fault in the least, but still three more hours of driving.

It was so wonderful having you here, though I know you're glad to back in the arms of that nervous-looking canine, Payton.

Kirby, Thank you for making this such an awesome weekend.   love to you all, always, MOM

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