Thursday, April 7, 2016

kari's 16

 So many greetings on Instagram today.

You're a popular baby sister.

Yep, they were old enough to remember you back when.

We did presents and you were a very good sport.

 So excited for socks!

 And pajama pants with a weird little dog print.

 You have not been a big fan of your birthday for a few years now, and this picture kind of says it all.

 Being a good sport again, letting us love you.

Because we totally DO, and always have.

That's you and Dan when you were about four hours old.

 You at 4 months
 Four minutes.  Sheesh, woman, so glad you were OUT of my BODY, and look at your cute, red, squished up face.
 Aww, Karinka Doodle, mine baby Schnoodle.

You put up with these silly endearments, didn't even seem to mind.  I could grab you right now and blow raspberries on that little belly.
 Showing off your fine Lands' End bunny hat. It's still here somewhere.

Oh, sweet, beautiful Kari.


Lydia Karina.

The day you were born is one of the best days of my entire life.  I wrote this about you and it was even published in an actual magazine:

"A year ago, their little sister was born.  She is our eighth child.  The oldest is named John for his grandpa; we named this littlest sister Lydia after grandma. Last spring, when she was newly born and up during the night, I received her with the full heart of a woman who knows how fleeting an infancy is.  Little Lydia Karina, our Kari, glowed in pink for months.  It felt like she gave off an aura.  

In those early weeks, I could hardly look at her without becoming tearful; she was so breathtaking.   When she was awake at night, I didn't think about the sleep I was losing, believe me.   Long gone was the crib of twenty years ago and the agenda for her to sleep according to my habits.  There were a handful of nights when I was awake with her and thought, in no uncertain terms, “I have the rest of my life to sleep.  This night is once in a lifetime.” She had fuzzy hair like duck down, big blue eyes, cheeks as bright as hibiscus blooms and she smelled incredible. Because she slept in my arms though, those nights of us awake together were so few.  She’s a year old now.  I actually wish there had been more.  More time.  More hugs.  More milk..."

Sweetheart, we could not love you more.

Happy Birthday.  Love forever and always, MOM and DAD and this whole FAMILY.

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