Wednesday, April 13, 2016

gorgeous wednesday

 This child wanted to go to the park and started up on the idea about the time she came in the door this morning.

Well, it's been cold the last few days, nothing fun about the park when it's cold.   Today though, I checked my phone for the temperature and it was pushing 60 degrees by late morning, so I told them, yeah, let's go to the park.

Everything is turning green and sprouting buds.

 This kid really needed a nap badly. She kvetched on and on while we got ready, but as soon as she was in the stroller with the sun and warm air on her face, this expression overtook her.

This auntie and niece spend plenty of time arguing and negotiating, but they also are so tight, like sisters.

They love each other so much, have so much fun together.   Like there's this insane cartoon on TV that has a catchy, weird song and characters do a dance to it.  They both run to the TV to do this dance together, arms waving, looking at the watch, back and forth.

I don't really get it, but I'm also not a kid.

 She loved the park so much this happened.

I considered taking her out of the stroller and trying to move her to her bed, but the birds were singing and she looked so comfortable, we pulled her up on the patio near the back steps off the kitchen and opened the windows and we kept an eye on her and just went ahead making lunch.

 After the nap, they played in the sandbox.  Notice how they sit on old towels so sand doesn't itch them.

Smart move.

 I called her name a few times, trying to get a smile, but she was too absorbed in being outside.

And that's the end of that.

With much love on a gorgeous Wednesday,  love, Val, aka Mom, aka Grandma

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