Saturday, April 23, 2016

the matching dresses

These little girls bring out some kind of emotion I can't describe.  Just like how tender and protective and fierce I feel about their boy cousins?

Yes, that same thing. Who knew grandmas are fierce and wild?  (We are.) There are so many things I understand about my own mother as we have spent these last ten years being grandmas together.

She's an awesome great grandma, but no surprises there.  We always knew she was pretty great.

And the granddaughters have brought out tenderness in Jay that's touching too, the way they toss themselves against him, confide in him, jump on his neck, confident in him and his affection and love.

The boys were one thing, tussling around.   This is different, but equally sweet.

For my mother in law, who was not there for the wrestling match this photo shoot required, THANK YOU--for the dresses and for the love and affection those matching dresses represents.

Grandmas together.   High fives.  love, Val

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