Sunday, April 17, 2016

flying with sam

Last week I had a dream while I dozed on the couch during Curious George.

Sam has always done this thing where she puts her head against my leg and leans.  She'll look up at me and lean harder.  I scratch her ears and pat her.  She's been a great friend, the epitome of patience and good-natured cheerfulness.

Well, in this dream she leaned on me harder and harder until I was on her back, and then she flew me around the house.

Not high or fast, just around.

At that point, on Sam's back, zipping through the doors between the dining room and the family room, I thought, "I am SO dreaming."

I told the kids about it and they laughed.  I told p.j., "What would people think, there goes a grandma and an old dog flying by?  Where's the cheese and crackers, Lady?"

We laughed and laughed.

Dreams are weird.

A few weeks ago I dreamed there were numerous buffalo in the back yard.   I called people on the phone, animal control and so forth, getting no where.

I told the kids not to let the dogs out right now because of this huge problem.

They came back and said the dogs had to go out. I told them to use leashes, and walk them in the front, but not where the buffalo could see them and get antagonized.  (I don't know if a dog on a leash walking by would actually antagonize a buffalo, but who wants to experiment like that?)

The kids told me the gate had been left open and the buffalo were gone.  I told them to shut the gate  then!  Hell's Bells!  Don't let the buffalo back in!

As if our flimsy chain link or picket fence could contain or deter a herd of buffalo anyway.

Dreams are so weird.

love, Val

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