Thursday, March 2, 2017

an e + e day

 This was Sidney at 7am when I woke her up.  She's more of a 9:30 kind of waker, but she endured.

Here's Elin, the baby newf, watching an actual human child eat fruit snacks.

Here the two Es are in the basement, the room under the family room where all the Barbies and Legos are.
 Okay, she's fine here.  She's just really MAD that the door has been closed to contain her and her nefarious activities.  This was a temporary situation until the dog food was swept up and so forth.

She is FINE.
 And here she is a short while later in two different men's flip flops, trying to break out to the back steps where it's a lively 33 degrees out.

 She yells to Elin, who is also a participant in this nonsense.

 Family room, trashed.

Who gives a wad of Kleenex to a puppy?

Another baby would do this.

 Oh, goodness!  Let's make some phone calls!

 Look at those cheeks, those chubby lips and curly hair.

Kari laughed with me about the agenda today: Hijinks and Shenanigans.  We had those.

 Doing a few handstands:

 Right idea!

Crazy baby?  I do love you.

Thanks for making a boring Thursday anything but.

Love, Grandma

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