Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Here we are!  March 1st.

A couple years ago at my old job it was snowing heavily on March 1st.

I was not disheartened, though a few of my co-workers were.

One Month.

One Month, you guys, and it'll be a whole different world.

And it was.

I talked to my mom today as they made their way back from Florida, all good on the drive, though there were tornadoes in Tennessee, I guess.  My parents were involved in some wind gusts, but no tornadoes, thank goodness.

And this house went on the market today:

It's a comfortable, easy to live in house with refinished oak floors, an expanded master bedroom, four bedrooms, two baths, even has a main floor family room with the kitchen overlooking.

Okay, time for bed.

Love, Val

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