Friday, March 17, 2017

st patrick's day, 2017

These girls were in the spirit of the day.

They're up in the woods in Northern Wisconsin at their other grandparents house, but the Leprechauns STILL found them, threw candy around and left a fairly mean note.  They were into it.

At this house the Leprechauns saw the mess in Tim's room, threw candy around in there and  left a rude note.

They used to live for this nonsense, would scream in indignation and howl about how did those darn Leprechauns sneak in and out and not be seen!

But now they're casual.  Glad for candy in any situation, but hardly fired up.  Julia's not a teenager quite yet, but in spirit, entirely.
 Last week I sewed baby blankets for my niece.  I bought new fabric for those, but while I was digging in that closet where the sewing stuff is I was overwhelmed by how much fabric has accumulated in there. Some of it has been there for five or ten years.

So I got inspired and have been sewing blankets this week.   I sewed five more this evening.

 It's a mess, but that's okay.  It's not bothering anyone at this point.  We'll see how far this fabric takes me.
A couple years ago on St. Patrick's Day we went to a hotel in the city where my sales manager was playing jazz with his group.   We took some friends with us, had dinner, and then the night got kind of weird.  

This normally very quiet, dignified hotel bar was swarmed with people coming in off the street, in and out, doors open and cold air blowing through over and over. The crowd was so loud it made it hard to enjoy the music.   Somebody had too much to drink, fell on the slippery stone floor, had a bloody head, and was taken away in an ambulance.   After that we left.

Tonight no such things happened. Maria, Kari, and James had friends here. There was lots of laughing and snacks eaten, but no mayhem.

And that brings us to the end of a very fine St. Patrick's Day.

Love, Val

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