Monday, March 20, 2017

spring, baby

 We went to the lake this weekend and Jay took the chain saw to this tripping hazard stump.

And we had a great day.  Brothers were in a mild pummeling situation on the kitchen floor.  (Mine and Jay's personal highlight of the weekend: As they wrassled each other, something about a sock, Jay  quipped, "I have never seen brothers in fisticuffs before.")



Oh my goodness, this was a very fun day. It was a little cold and windy, but we made our way to the field and enjoyed the sun there.

We had lunch at a restaurant in town and THREE glasses of water went over, and Dan and Alicia left the meal wet from the spilling, but how predictable--kids and big, giant glasses of water.

A woman named Linda Bobb told me never to put more into a child's cup than I was prepared to mop up off the floor.

This was back in the day where the choice was baby bottles or open tumblers. There were no sippy cups.  There were also no Onesies.  It was undershirts and diapers--separate problems.

The good old days were not that good. Believe me, they sucked.


It was a great day.

I love you crazy babies so darn much.

Love Grandma

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