Friday, March 24, 2017

friday, friday, best day of the week

 It was a rowdy Friday.  This girl was here and she was full of energy and ideas.  I had Kari get Curious George going on the TV before she left for school, so we were ready.

As we watched George, the child kept bringing food from the kitchen--chips, bag of granola, gummy bears, so on and so forth.  I gave her a little granola and then hid the bag in the couch. I hid the rest of the food in the couch too.

Soon  the dog realized the couch was full of food and then I had a different problem indeed, fending off a huge, overly-interested puppy.

 The kid also got into the freezer and dumped out sausage crumbles across the kitchen floor, which Elin ate.  Later she bit a bracelet and had beads in her mouth, which I (implored)  made her spit out.  As I was crawling around picking up pearly beads, I realized there were green, what?  Lima beans?  All over the family room floor?

Nope, Edamame.  The dog apparently bit a lot of them, but spit them back out again.  Whee.

Then this--my friend Laurie brought me this from England many years ago.  Or Ireland maybe.  Anyway, it's pretty sturdy, and the grand kids like it.

Except this wild grandchild ripped the whole thatched roof off like a wig!  Tore it right off!

I glued it back on. We persevered.
 These little fake plants she threw on the floor and then shoved the pebbles in her mouth.

 These are the milk bones she dumped on the back steps in the rain.

Julia's mopping up the bottle of glue she somehow got a hold of.  It was up on the cupboard. I used it to glue the thatching back onto the roof of the music box.

 And a pop tart she had to have:
It was fun. She's lively and sassy and turned up at one point without pants.  I asked her where her pants went and she looked at her legs like, "Who knows?"   I asked her if they just popped off, or what? She shrugged.

Later tonight the dog came carrying them from the family room. At least they're found now.

And this, from the end of the day:

Aaron showed up with this beautiful cake.  It's here through some strange coincidence, but what a lovely surprise.

And that's the end of a beautiful Friday in late March.

Love you wild baby,   Grandma

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