Sunday, April 23, 2017

a walk at the lake

 We went up to the lake this weekend.  Jay wanted to get some work done.  I had to work also, have a real estate buyer I'm working with, so I went back to Minneapolis to show houses yesterday and then returned.   It's a lot of driving, but that's okay.

And driving through the Wisconsin countryside by myself is a weird thing because it brings my grandparents right to me close.

Memories of them, all four of them, washed over me for hours.  In a way I enjoyed it, and it also made me miss them.

John was up at the lake on Saturday, turned on the water in his cabin and then had to deal with LEAKS.  They were all taken care of by the end of the night.

Today we went for a walk to the dam and back to the field.

 Here's the backwater behind the sand bar.  Normally it can't be seen at all, but before leaves, yes.

 Last summer some trees blew down behind the dam in a storm, lifted the sod up like a rug.
 The power company came through this year again and cleared brush.  It's pretty tough looking right now, but Jay took the opportunity to rent a machine in town and push all the debris to the sides and smooth the dirt and throw down grass seed.   This  area is an attempt to create a little more parking space at the cabin.


And then?  We headed back to town because a listing has sold and had to meet to review the offer with the seller and sign.

It was a lovely weekend, all in all.

Love, Val

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