Tuesday, April 11, 2017

april sleepover

 Some kids slept over, had a great time.  One had to go home, sick. That was disappointing, but sleep over another night, no problem.

 This is the start of the snowing.  Jody gave me a huge pot of pansies for my birthday, which were placed on the front steps.   I saw them in snow, and about knocked John off the steps to grab them back inside.

Later in the afternoon today, I moved them into the sunshine and then back outside again.

The pinata is fully loaded.  Dan and I snickered about their faces if they smacked it open and out fell carrots, radishes and broccoli.

 Nah, not that mean.
 They painted these craft kits, fun.

 Yes, April 11.

 Okay, end of the day.

Good Night.

Love, Val

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