Friday, April 7, 2017

happy 17

 Seventeen YEARS of YOU.  (You.)

Born on an April morning some time ago:

 Dan and you on the day you were born:

You reading to Tim and Julia.  Sam is kind of listening too.  Anyone out there love sponge painting?  I kind of loved how it turned out--very cloud-like.  Notice upon the headboard?  Two dancing Bo-Bahs and a photo of their cousin posing with a rabbit.  They loved that picture of him so much.

Back to now:

Cuuuute, cute, Hello Kitty pajamas.

 Loving this little nephew:

 And this little niece:

Oh, my goodness, and THIS rowdy one:

Heidi sent this picture tonight and I love everything it captures about both of you.

Happy 17th birthday, most Beautiful Girl, even though you don't believe it, it's the truth.

Happy Birthday and love forever,

Mom and Dad and Everyone

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