Saturday, April 15, 2017

the day before easter

 This morning Heidi had a run, and I showed houses, so we did this at suppertime.

Something is on the lens.  Foggy.

 She was on a mission of destruction today.  I  guess they had to turn off the ice maker because that water and ice dispenser on the front of the fridge is one of her favorite toys, except it's not a toy and the mess is severely aggravating.

On Friday I texted Joe that she was like the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, only her playing both parts.

We laughed.  She's a combination of sweet, trouble, and funny.

The dog had a big problem with this tricycle.  I have no idea what she thought it was, but she pursued it and barked at it on and on and on, and would not come in the house.

I checked it all out, and there was nothing weird happening, just an old tricycle sitting in the yard.

 This amazing vintage bathroom from a house we toured today:

About 8:00 tonight Tim mentioned the Easter baskets.

I had forgotten all about them. Yes, bring them downstairs.


Love always, Val

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