Thursday, April 27, 2017

thursday babies

Today was a fun cousin day.

The little one took care of babies and plays puzzles.  The curly-haired one doesn't totally get it, but she loves her cousin and tries to conform.

After they ate, I announced it was now naptime, and they grabbed their blankies and bottles and came with me to Tim's bed.

Mine pimento did not want to take a nap. She was up against me saying, "No, no, no," which I am not in favor of anybody saying no and being overpowered.  I told her if she would just play along, once her cousin was asleep she could get up again.

She relaxed against my chest.

And fell asleep before her cousin did and slept longer,  That little pimento was tired.

That's the end of today, which has moved on into tomorrow.

Nothing but love,


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