Tuesday, April 25, 2017

babysitting cousins

These two.


We tried to get that hair under control, but she was not a cooperator.


Plus, the one in the green shirt was fading. She started out strong, but in the afternoon, was sick and slept on the couch for hours.

 Last night we all went to my sister's house to meet a newborn baby SO Beautiful.  He's tiny and gorgeous and tender, and my niece is amazing and so is her guy.  This was the most wonderful evening, cuddling and admiring that gorgeous little newborn. I want to include pictures of him far and wide, but I don't have permission.

OMG.  This is a much awaited and beloved little baby.

Swingset today. They both fell off and cried in indignation. I think we need some grippy treads across that slippery seat.

 My granddaughters created these masterpieces this morning, both the tower and the Potato Head abstract creation.
 Here they are:

Okay good night.

See you Thursday, mine Pimento.  Your wild-haired cousin and I will be waiting for you.

Love, Grandma

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