Friday, November 3, 2017

first friday of november, 2017

 This afternoon the snow started falling, big fat warm flakes.   Pretty soon it looked like Christmas.

 The light was beautiful and the sky a huge bright dome.

 That's the upstairs bathroom window.  Kari put a towel across the top half of the window, makes me laugh.  Who would be up on that flat roof peeking in the windows?  I pity that fool.
 And this today, by surprise.  This is the living room rug.  I was told the rug was made in Turkey in the 1970s.  I bought it in 2009 for a couple hundred dollars, and it was fairly worn then, and another eight years of daily stomping and vacuuming has taken a further toll.

So, for about a year now, I've been watching for a new rug, though have not actively been shopping for one, just paying attention.
Then today this--on Facebook, someone selling a rug, inexpensive and pretty, in better condition than ours.  Jay went in the snow and picked it up, and they even had an eight year old child who demonstrated cartwheels and somersaults on the rug, while they scolded her in another language.

That cracked me up.
After this, we made our way to the lake on roads and in snow that grew worse and worse. The trip took an extra hour, but who cares?  Just get there safely. There were cars in the ditches, which is not particularly dangerous, but what a huge hassle! 

On the drive up, there were phone calls with three of my favorite people--my mother, John, and Laurie--pretty nice for a random Friday night on slippery roads.

Anyway, we are here now, safe and warm.

Love, Val

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