Wednesday, November 8, 2017

a babysitting week

 We've had a good week, including these lovely naps in the car.

 At 3pm, when I start work, the aunties and uncle take over for 90 minutes or so until the kids are picked up. They team up and they are patient and used to tiny people. It's pretty easy-going.

 This was from today. She's little bitty. Her size is purely a camera angle.

We went to the library for Story Time and had a great time, then came home for lunch.  We met up with Michelle and Harris and she wanted to take the Librarian's beanie baby home, but of course, no.

We have dozens of beanie babies at home.

She relented and came along.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which is a great day of the week.  Not as great as Friday, sporting all that unspent weekend potential, but we'll take it.

Nothing but love, Val

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