Monday, November 6, 2017

last weekend at the lake, 2017

 These people were there. It was a bit boring in the snow, but Jay did a lot of work in the field, and I worked in the house.   The kids had on a show called Skin Wars.  It was interesting--interesting concept, interesting characters. By seven hours of it, I'd had enough, but who knew body painting was even a thing?

Econo did not disappoint with the goofy Little Debbie options:

 I washed the floor twice, and then put on several coats of wax.  It hasn't been done since last year, but on a weekend with ten kids eleven and under, and about five dogs running through, floor maintenance is not an option.

 This is some paints the kids spilled under the table, and we didn't realize it at the time.  I soaked it with some hot water and it dissolved and wiped right up.

She kept dancing around on the wax.  Seriously, Sidney??

It was a lovely summer, sad for it to end, but Thanksgiving is on the way.

love, Val

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