Friday, October 31, 2014

trick or treating, 2014

These two are trying to get ready for Heidi's work trick or treating.

They did make it.
Here's tonight, over at Dan's,  ready to hit the streets and trick or treat.

 Here they are over at Alicia's parents house. That's her dad in the creepy robe.

 The green guy is Alicia's brother's baby.

 Okay, time to collect loot:

 Back at the house, warming up.  It was about 40 degrees out, not all that cold, but colder than we're used to.

 bgs little brother, camping out on Uncle Tim:

And the night is over, and it was great.

Kari, aka Lydia did not want to be any part of this stomping around in the cold, hyperactive baby scene.

She was dropped off early at my parents and hung around in peace with them. 

Jay picked her up at the end of the night.

And this very wild, intense October is over.

Over, I tell you!  Over!


Glad to see you.  Come on in.  love, Val

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