Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a few pictures

 This week has flown by, lots of working.

Above is a picture of James and Kari's band concert.  It's the last one for James.

He's moving on--college in the fall.

Dang, that went fast.

This is Dan and Alicia's little girl who rolled over already.

This is going very fast too.

 This?  This, I'm sure, does not feel fast to HER.

We're on the baby count down.   It's bound to happen one of these days.
 Here's a dog who loves summer:

And here are some girls very happy to meet a big poodle puppy named Hansi, who is so dear and funny.  That's his transportation trailer for bike rides.  He was happy to share it with p.j.

And now it's the end of Wednesday, and what a fine Wednesday it was.

A great house is going on the market on Friday, and it's supposed to also be 80 degrees out.

Things are looking good.    love, Val

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