Monday, October 19, 2015

being at the lake in the fall

 We don't even go over to the water much.   The wind across that lake is refrigeration.  In the back field in the sun it was warm and lovely.

 The babies are hard to get good pictures of sometimes.  They're cute as can be, and then the light isn't right and the pictures turn out blurry.

Trust me, the babies are adorable.

 Those big brown eyes, and curly eyelashes.  She looks like my daughter in law as a baby.

These two hadn't seen each other in a week, though they normally spend all day, every day together.  Julia's the aunt, and p.j. the niece, but they interact like sisters, both the closeness and the scrappy, rude parts.  The storming around and waving arms.  But then they end up back like this again shortly.

 This dog.

I called the vet today and left him a message about her meds.  Her allergies have gone into overdrive this week.  I was going type here that the itching is some kind of human suffering, but she's not a human, even though she's a good friend of mine.

This is one itchy friend.

 This gang.
 And these two.

All y'all?  I love you very much.  Love, Grandma

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