Wednesday, October 14, 2015

pull-ie the hair, and a florida beach

Here's a cute Instagram picture of two girls in Halloween pajamas.     Last week one morning we were in my bed watching Curious George, and the little one was in the middle.  p.j. was kicking and kicking and kicking.  She's a big time kicker and wiggler in bed.

I said, "We should name you, "Kicky the Horse.""

She laughed and said, "Then we have to name her, "Pull-ie the Hair.""

And then she said, "And you are "Snuggly the Grandma."

Sigh.  All true names.

And there was this picture last week from Florida.

Kirsten moved there last month, and this woman is NOT GOING TO MISS that horrible commute across the cities in the snow and dark all winter long.  Dark in the morning, dark in the evening, seldom above ten degrees.

This is her reality.

love all you people, MOM, aka GRANDMA

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