Tuesday, October 27, 2015

life is good

 These two little cousins were here yesterday getting babysat.

They recognize their own kind.

Sam always has to be near the babies, so she was right on duty.


The little boy with the curly hair wanted Cheetos right before lunch, so I told him to put them on the table, and he could eat them with lunch, but please not before.   The others who also had bags of Cheetos were supposed to do the same.

 Well, the child has a sense of justice and he was annoyed by the kids who kept sneaking out to the kitchen snitching Cheetos while lunch was being prepared.

I agree with him.

 PUH-leeze.  We can see you.

Get out of the Cheetos.  We don't want little guys to have their appetite ruined right before the meal.

And this picture was found on my camera tonight after work.

My new job is going fine, I think.  The supervisor called me tonight to discuss and she seemed  quite content.

I'm still learning, still making mistakes and figuring things out, but it's a huge bump forward from one week ago when I logged on for the first day.

love always, GRANDMA, aka VAL, aka MOM

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