Wednesday, October 7, 2015

this week

 It's been a great week.     Monday we had a babysitting day, lots of cousins here.  I snapped a picture at lunch, but that was it.

Those kids played and played, the whole day.  There were games with the stuffed animals, imaginary play, plot lines I couldn't really follow.

Later in the afternoon I was in the family room with the two babies and saw that curly haired guy was sprawled out on the floor and his cousin p.j. was walking around in a fancy ball gown, talking on a toy cell phone asking for emergency assistance:  "Yes, it's an emergency. Come right away.  My pet cat has been run over by a car."

I looked at the little guy and quietly asked, "Are you the cat?"


Lord have mercy.
 And our maple tree almost seemed like it was going to have all the leaves blow off before they even turned color.

But no.   It's gorgeous again.

This tree came with the house.  We bought in late fall, so we didn't even know about the tree until the following year, but Lydia says it's totally worth it.

 We're also working on this project too, scraping and painting before the winter comes.  Pretty soon I'll be far enough up the wall that Jay will take over and do the peak on the extension ladder or the scaffolding.   Last time we did this was 1989, so we should be good for another twenty-five years.

October so far has been nothing short of amazing.

Maria and I had supper at her apartment tonight, and it's adorable, and her roommates are sweet and friendly.   All excellent.

Sigh.   Happy Wednesday.   love always, Val

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