Tuesday, May 31, 2016

being uncles and aunties

 They complain about how loud these little people are.

True, they're very loud.  Back in the day, the aunties and uncles weren't necessarily all that quiet either.

 When I was a little child, my mom's sisters and brother were young teenagers, and it was a lot of fun being the niece in that situation.

One of my aunts and uncle had cabins rented at the resort next door this weekend. Her kids and grandkids were all around and I do love my cousins so very dearly. They were all the little babies when I was a kid and they were funny and loud and disruptive and obnoxious.  I adored them.

 It's still fun being her niece, even though neither of us are kids anymore.

Anyway, it's all unfolding, unrolling in all kinds of directions. Life is good.

love, MOM, aka GRANDMA

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