Friday, May 6, 2016

first birthday

 This beautiful baby was born one year ago.  Look at those lips.

Here she is, a year later, a fast, wild, amazing year.

If someone would have told me one year ago how many huge changes were upon our family, I would not have even believed it.

But it was true, and it's all good.

This girl is called Lysse-Bear for a reason. She has been growly and dramatic and is turning into the funniest little toddler.

Yesterday I texted her mother, "She's climbing everything like a Billy Goat..."

I don't even care! Climb away!

Just do not fall and get hurt--which is not something a baby can promise anyway, so we haul her off the table, off the benches, try to distract.  Time is on our side.  We will prevail and she'll be civilized soon enough.

 At preschool she went into the classroom to care for the baby dolls and had one tucked under her arm, patting it on the butt, then had a second one in the other arm before we had to leave.  Her big sister was trying to reason with her, but don't try to get between a Mama Bear and her baby dolls.

Darling Girl?  You with the luscious hugs and sweet rosy cheeks we love to kiss?  That warm little neck?  You, with the loud indignant screeches that make us holler back, "Please!  Enough!"

We are so glad you're here, one of us.  What a beautiful child you are and we're lucky having you for a girl.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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